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Our top luxury furniture products of the week

When buying furniture, you can get overwhelmed by the range of available products. Since you are likely to have to look at and use, that furniture for a long time, choosing a low-quality product can be extremely frustrating. What’s more, if you decide to replace it, you can never get your money’s worth back, and you end up spending a lot more than you would have if you had chosen a better one.

To save yourself trouble and frustration, we invite you to look through our best picks in this little list. We have taken the time to look through boatloads of items in different categories and have picked a few in each to recommend.

Chandelier Alpina L

If you are in the market for a classic, no-nonsense chandelier, then the Alpina L is the one for you. It features a timeless design of five sets of straight clear glass beams arranged in circles, which get smaller towards the bottom of the chandelier. It has five light sources located at the base of every individual ring. The Alpina L is elegant and impressive without being too extravagant. This chandelier is a great all-rounder and universally pleasing in any setting.

chandelier alpina l



Chandelier Bernardi

If you are ready to celebrate the 2020s by paying homage to the roaring twenties, then this 1920s art-deco inspired design is for you. The Bernardi features two sets of straight vintage glass beams encased in bronze finished casings. The casings are circular and segmented into smaller rectangles. The smaller set is separated by some four inches from the upper set and features a separate light source. This design stands out with its sleek yet notably retro look, but it complements only a very specific type of interior design.

chandelier bernardi



Caserta Chandelier

The Caserta chandelier is something else. With its art-deco inspired design of several sets of clear acrylic beams bending inwards into half-ellipses, it’s an eye-catcher. The design is mesmerizingly harmonic, and the rounded edges and diffuse light that it gives off is certain to spark conversation. This chandelier is perfect for rather bland rooms with minimalistic design and neutral colors. It gives them a central piece that really stands out and makes them more interesting.

chandelier caserta



Commodore Chandelier

Immediately striking with its black lacquered steel casing, and two rows of candles, the Commodore is an imposing sight. The design harkens back to very traditional chandeliers or hanging lamps, with very minimalistic shapes. The only adornments are two crossbeams inside rectangular panels that connect to the tray. It is great for rooms where a mood needs to be set and gives off a sense of the refined gothic kind. The faux candles might not be everybody’s thing, but in certain settings it can be a great addition. Especially in rooms with mostly dark colors this chandelier will fit right in.

chandelier commodore



Kasbah Oval L Chandelier

Aptly named Kasbah Oval L, this model immediately invokes the Orient. Shaped like an oval, with sets of rounded crystal glass settings encased in an antique brass finished casing, the Kasbah exudes luxury and intricacy. It is most at home in Orient-themed rooms, perhaps a reading room, or a smoking room. The particularly interesting shape and design is definitely not something for a regular dining room ambient and might be too flashy in most regular uses. This is a unique and attractive design. While that certainly makes it an eye-catcher, it is a product directed at a very specific customer. If you are in the niche market of specifically Orient-inspired chandeliers then this might just be your favorite chandelier.

kashbah oval chandelier




Sofas, Armchairs and Loveseats

Moving on from chandeliers, here we will present to you the best in seating furniture we have found. The categories here are a little more dependent on the size and intended use than on the actual style of the product. Without any more delay, let’s get into our picks.


Cesare Armchair

The Cesare armchair was for our love at first sight. Modern, straight edges and a neutral granite gray color combined with the luxurious look and feel of the quilting of the seat and armrests create a universally fantastic armchair. There is nothing left to be wished for. The armchair is comfortable, sleek, and sturdy to boot. Namely, the base is made from high-quality gunmetal, guaranteeing that it’s going to be your favorite armchair for a long time. This armchair points with its universality and neutral design. It fits in with most surroundings and should be a great buy for most.

armchair cesare



Sienna Lounge Sofa

Whether it’s for a reading room or a place to rest in your study, the Sienna lounge sofa is the perfect buy. Like the Cesare armchair, it combines the best from both traditional and modern design. An overall contemporary look of straight edges and basic shapes is rounded off with a luxurious quilted upholstery for the bedding and the backrest. Atop of that comes the refined Savona grey velvet it is covered with that will make sure you feel like laying on a bed of clouds every time. Finished off with tasteful brushed brass legs, this lounge sofa will be a great fit in any home.

lounge sofa sienna



Montado Loveseat

Part of the Panama Natural series, the Montado loveseat points with a minimalistic design. It comes in a light eggshell white color that combines well with its rustic large-thread stitched material. It conveys a sense of modernity combined with an adventurous and tropic feeling. It might not be for everyone, but the experienced ones among you will spot it as a must-have.

loveseat montado



Aurelio Sofa

The first one is sofa Aurelio. Bright white, and taking all the positive points from the Cesare and Montado, it is an all-around fantastic purchase. It points with its universal appeal, synthesis of modern and traditional, sleek and luxurious. Again, the relative neutrality and unassuming design is great because it fits with any pre-existing interior design. There’s really not much left to be wanted with this sofa.

aurelio sofa



Messina Sofa

The Messina sofa comes in black velvet, with brass legs, and a flower-petal shaped backrest. It is noticeably more eye-catching and unabashedly lavish than the Aurelio, harkening back to art-deco inspirations and the 20′ and 30′. It is definitely not for everybody, and its fans will have a particular taste, but for them, it will be the unequivocally best entry. We can see it put to great use in bedrooms, especially next to a fine vanity table. It gives off a distinct 1920s diva-look.

sofa messina



These all seem great, which one do I pick?

Whenever you make a furniture purchase, unless you are starting from scratch, try to match it to the general ambient of the room you intend to use it in. For example, the Caserta chandelier might not be a good fit for an already eccentric room design but can be great in relatively neutral rooms as an eye-catcher piece.

Why aren’t the materials mentioned as much?

The reason we don’t spend much time on the fabrics and materials is that they are universally high quality with these products and therefore not a factor. We made sure that all of them are durable and well-made, as we believe that beauty can and should be lasting.



The furniture market is heavily saturated in our day and age. With that saturation come a lot of great products, but also a higher number of cheap ones. Searching out those products that are relatively affordable while never compromising on the quality is what we do.

All of the listed products are top-of-the-shelf in their category. They are made of premium materials and are masterfully crafted. None of them will break down days after purchase, they won’t arrive in a flawed condition, and they won’t burn a hole in your wallet.

We hope that this dispels any worries you might have had. Whatever you decide on buying, you aren’t going to regret it. The reason we still included so many is that we recognize that different tastes and needs must be accounted for.

We are certain that from these, you will find the perfect item for you, and enjoy it for years on end. All of them are made from high-quality materials. They are masterfully crafted and will be a sight for sore eyes in any case. Have fun shopping, and enjoy your new furniture!

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