Home Story Insider: 5 Best Products of the Week

First impressions really do matter, especially when you’re bringing home colleagues, family members, friends, or a love interest for the first time. The one thing that really stands out in these pivotal moments is your attentiveness – will you give them a snack? Will you bring them a drink? Will they be comfortable enough to open up more?

A well-arranged home environment could take care of half of the work for you – a stylish dining area, a comfortable lounge, an inviting bar… The saying “dress to impress” could very well be applicable to your living space – redecorate to impress.

It’s currently the second decade of the twenty-first century. We’ve abandoned the cyber-metal futurism way back in the nineties, but we also don’t want to overdo our simplistic aesthetics and go back to the boring classical styles of the Victorians. Modesty and minimalism with a fine touch of detail and comfort is what’s currently trending.

If you want to decorate your guest area in a contemporary manner but don’t know where to start, allow us to guide you through our finest selection of tables and seats that will instantly transform your home from old-fashioned to modish and sophisticated.


Herringbone dining table

This table is a perfect mixture of all on-going trends; the wooden, oak table top is in a classic, plain rectangular shape. This table, however, also checks the mark of environmental awareness, as the wood used for the table top is reclaimed old oak parts. The darkness of the oak complimented by the black metal framework gives this dining table an industrial vibe. The herringbone pattern of the small oak planks is the same classic design seen on most wooden flooring for decades now and that never goes out of style.

The metal legs, however, are something unconventional – instead of having two legs on each side, this model has three “legs” that are interconnected on the bottom, providing not only a unique and modern look to the design of the whole model, but also providing more stability and functionality.

This model does not contain a glass topper; however, it is not necessary for it to have one, either. The oak planking is densely packed and sanded leaving no sharp edges or negative space that food and drink particles could sink into and ruin your dining table. The dark coloring of the oak table top also allows it to be very easy to pair with any tablecloth or cover.

Due to its decorative but not too dominant design, this could also be used as a side-table or a table for two – with a vase and a porcelain figurine resting on the static side.

For all those who are looking for a dining room table that will stand in the middle of the room and thus needn’t be rectangular, Home Story also has an oval herringbone dining table model that quickly transforms your boring dining room space into the doll house of your dreams.


Herringbone Dining Table - Richmond by Spieghel



Blackbone gold coffee table

You like the wooden plank aesthetics in the kitchen, but you want your lounge to be a little more futuristic and extravagant? We’re listening, so we hereby present to you the Blackbone gold coffee table.

The base construction is square and interconnected just like the one on the herringbone model. The difference with this little coffee table is that it is wider than the previous model, and the stainless steel also features a gold overspray, bringing more luxury to the visuals. And what goes well with gold? Black, of course. This is exactly why the oak table top is painted black – a tough contrast that transforms this design from discreet and sleek to powerful and striking.


Kensington side table

If you do have a dining room and coffee table but you want something else that will serve for the purpose of decoration, or perhaps even somewhere to put down your spices and fine wine bottles, then this side table could potentially tickle your imagination.

It also follows the eco-friendly trend by being made of recycled wood, so it would be a good item to pair with one of the dining table models from above. Glam and shine is incorporated through the polished stainless steel construction that consists of two rectangles “hugging” the wooden planks all-around. The lower portion functions solely as a shelf, while the upper part also features three individual slim drawers with very discreet steel handles that add extra space and functionality to this side table model. It’s very versatile to use and could thus be easily incorporated into your dining room, living room, hallway, or wherever you might need an extra surface.

Kensington sideboard

And for those of you who prefer to separate your drawers and cabinets from your tables and shelves – we got you covered, as well.

This sideboard also follows the ecology trend as the previous items on the list by being made of recycled wood. It features a criss-cross base construction made from stainless steel for that extra polished look. The aerodynamic construction of the “legs” allows the sideboard to be placed into various different areas of the house.

The size is also quite generous – 80x140x40cm, meaning that it can also be used as an additional coffee table. You can purchase this model from Home Story with a fitting glass table topper to lower maintenance and add more sheen to your room.


Jamie Swivel Chair

Wrapping up the list with one of the most unique items on the list, we proudly present to you the Jamie swivel chair.

This specific chair design has a blend of all previously discussed designs. The actual seat of the chair is a very large, soft, and round cushion that extends all the way to the round swivel base mechanism – which is made from stainless steel topped with an opulent gold overspray.

The back rest of the chair features the same antique buttoned cross-sections as the Margo bank, while the whole chair is wrapped in stone-gray velvet material that adds more warmth and comfort to this already stylish contemporary chair.

It is large yet its design keeps it compact, and the swivel mechanism makes it very practical in any room and for any use – especially if using this chair in your lounge instead of tall and bulky bar stools. The overall luxurious design of the chair doesn’t allow the swivel mechanism to make the chair any less formal-looking.

Your friends will love it, and you and your date or spouse will also get to enjoy some fine wine and a relaxing conversation clinging your glasses while resting comfortably in this swivel chair.


We’re all fascinated by the vintage and antique style of fine oak wood furniture and study-room seats and cushions, but those things are neither practical nor comfortable in a contemporary home. We hope that this list gave you more insight in the various different items on the market of today that will help you keep the classic aesthetic while also keeping it compact and fashionable.

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